Some of our more frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions here please feel free to contact us.

Do tours run all year round ?

Yes - it is hoped to run the tours throughout the  whole year, though advance booking is always required.

Do tours run in all weather conditions ?

Tours will normally run in all weather conditions although routes covered may vary due to health and safety or local events and/or closures outside of our control .

Is there a minimum no of persons required for tours to run ?

Normally a minimum of 2 persons are required for tours to run, though sole tours may be available by negotiation.

Are tour prices quoted fixed ?

To facilitate electronic and contactless payments, tours purchased in advance through my booking site or through other online travel agents,are fixed.

Normally, discounted rates can be offered for children under 18, students, unwaged, families and groups, by prior negotiation.

Are tour duration times quoted exact?

The times shown are approximate and can vary dependent on the size of the group and the amount of interaction requested by the participants.

Are tours accessible to people with disabilities?

The standard published tours do access the City Walls, which are quite steep in places, and as a historical monument, do not always facilitate disabled people to enter and exit at all locations. However, with advance notice, tours can normally be adapted to facilitate people with disabilities.