"Real" Derry Girls History Walking Tour

Influential Women of the Walled City - aka The "Real Derry Girls" Tour.
This tour covers women with connections to the city, who have made their mark in the fields of politics, music, archaeology, arts and literature, some of whom have plaques to their honour but also includes modern community workers and of course the Derry Girls and the Factory Girls.


2 hours


Derry/Londonderry City Centre


£55 each per 2 persons

This tour will be launched on 8th March 2023 - International Womens Day.

Influential Women currently featured on the tour are :

Amelia Earhart, Mabel Colhoun,Cecil Francis Alexander, Helen McNaughten, Jeanette Warke, Pauline Ross, Roma Downey, Pat Hume,and many more authors, actresses, politicians and musicians, and of course the Shirt Factory Girls.

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I met the real Derry Girls. Although I have done David's audio tours before, I had not done one of the real ones so it was great to get the opportunity last month when he did trial tours for locals to experience his new women's themed history tour Influential Women of the Walled City. I forgot to leave this review at the time and I know the tour is now available to buy. Although I have done another themed Derry Girls tour from another company available on a Saturday, and I enjoyed it at the time, with hindsight, I now find it very limited and one dimensional, compared to David's tour. His tour covers the real Derry Girls, ie the history of real people, but he does cover the fictional ones too. I wish David well for his new tour and hope he gets lots of visitors to book it and hear this wonderful history. Many thanks to David for a very informative tour of Influential Women of the Walled City. I would recommend this tour as it gives a great Insight into the many generations of Influential Women in the City
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